Structure and Sequence Analysis


Chemical structure searches are required when novelty lies in a specific chemical compound or entity. If the structure is new, it becomes very difficult to search it with a common name or IUPAC name. Also, patents write a chemical formula or IUPAC name differently making it very difficult to cover patents disclosing chemical structure of interest with keyword search alone.

Biological Sequence includes nucleotide sequences (DNA or RNA) or amino acids sequences (peptides or proteins). Searching biological sequences in patents required special skill sets. Since novelty lies in the unique combination of nucleotide or amino acid it is very difficult to find the patents with keywords alone. Even if the desired sequence has a common name, not all patents will say so and thus leaving plenty of scope to miss out relevant records.

We perform these searches using free database such as chemspider or paid database services such as STN (CAPLUS, REGISTRY, MARPAT etc.).