Product to Patent Mapping


Identifying the alignment between the patents & products portfolios of your own and your competitors’ is an important aspect of commercialization of Patents. To assist you in this task, DexPatent offers Patent-to-Product mapping or Product-to-Patent mapping services. Important aspects and features of a product is evaluated against independent claims of the matching patents line by line. DexPatent’s Patent-to-Product mapping report is helpful in identifying - potential infringing patents, strong patents of a company, and unused patents in a portfolio for out-licensing and also helpful in identifying competitor’s strong and weak areas.


As explained above, Patent to Standards mapping involves matching independent claims of a patent against relevant sections of technology standard like ISO, ETSI, 3GPP, IEEE etc. This might reveal infringement of standards against a patent or may reveal the additional advantages for a standard if the claimed technology of patent add value to the standards concerned. At DexPatent these Patent-to-Product and Patent-to-Standards mapping studies are done thoroughly and carefully.