Patentability/Novelty Search


Our team has extensive experience and expertise in conducting patent searches. Our team aims to meet our clients’ requirements by employing multi-dimensional search strategies, which are formulated using structured processes that has been developed based on years of patent search experience.


We conduct patent searches using subscription databases to ensure wide coverage of prior art. Some of the databases include Thomson Innovation, and Total Patent (from LexisNexisTM), Google Patents, Espacenet, USPTO, and other national and non-patent databases such as, Google Scholar, IEEE Xplore, CiteSeer, ACM Library, Wiley’s Library, etc. Our patentability search report helps you to ascertain the probability of a patent grant and scope of protection to an invention.


Patentability/Prior art search: A patentability search or novelty search is conducted to evaluate the patentability of an invention based on the statutory requirements of a patent office. The searches are conducted prior to preparing the patent application to determine whether the invention is novel and non-obvious. The objective of the search is to identify prior art relevant to the novelty of the invention in patent and non-patent literature.


  1. Determine patentable inventions
  2. Screen out inventions before further investment to streamline costs
  3. Support efficient patent application drafts that improve allowance rates