Patent Visualization


Whether you have an existing taxonomy or need one created, we’ll deliver an exhaustive, customized set of patent taxonomies featuring multi-dimensional, multi-level patent categorization. For those companies currently without one, InnoRes will generate a taxonomy based on a target technology domain and the relevant patent set, classifying each patent as prominent or obsolete. This detailed categorization of each patent and patent application in your portfolio, viewed from a technology perspective, will be helpful in identifying assets with the greatest potential.

Clustering of all patents into different technology domains (technology/ application based taxonomy).

Patent ranking and tags available on our online dashboard for better view of categorized patents

Creating Product/technology/infringement maps - graphical representation of all your value patents to help you analyze the IP activity across time, technology, products and competitors.

Understand the extent of protection your technology and products receive through comprehensive 'technology-patent' matrix and 'product-patent' maps.

Analyze IP investments of organizations across multiple technology domains.

Identify dominant patent clusters in a technology domain using patent 'thermal maps'

Customized patent categorization using taxonomy defined by your experts aligned with your technology and product strategy