Market Centric Monetization


our "Market centric monetization services" which includes analyzing market trend, finding out the players working in the area of invention and finalizing deals with interested players or collaborating with them for improving the invention areas.

Identifying potentially interested parties that are not already practicing your patented invention, but operate in similar technology area or build similar products, and hence can be interested in licensing your technology. This requires Business & technical modelling of the interested parties that would potentially buy or license your patent rights.

Our Strategy involves: categorizing different markets based on the invention, assessing the size of the targeted markets, Checking out the size of the companies working in the targeted market, Finding out the companies that could be our licensee, Listing out potential targets based on the market analysis, preparing EoU's or IoU's, Valuation - assessing a monetary value to a patent using various valuation methods, Letting Licensees Know we want To License our Patents and finally after rigorous negotiations we close IP deals.