IP Due Diligence


An IP due diligence helps in examining the strength, scope and enforceability, ownership rights, and the future potential to be derived from the IP.

Generally, IP due diligence is conducted at the onset of the negotiations to determine the true potential of IP. We help in assessing the IP of the target company by preparing comprehensive checklists, understanding the objectives, substantive investigation, analyzing the results. We also assist you in driving maximum value from the IP by identifying potential sources of risk and understanding the intrinsic value of the IP.

The IP due diligence process is an audit to analyze hundreds of thousands of patents, which are narrowed down to a manageable number by using various scoring methods. We offer both semi-automated and manual process for due diligence as per your requirements. Such services include infringement searches, preparing claim charts for selecting high value patents, and performing validity searches, check filing and patent maintenance history, and change of assignments of patents. Our team maps the competition and assists you with strategies that enable you to achieve your business goals.